Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad

Science is the study of the nature and behavior of natural things and knowledge that we obtain about them. The mechanism of Science is quite astonishing that makes one wonder about the way it works. Our NGO provides platform for the lovers of science or those who want to pursue career in science . The International Junior Science Olympiad is a science competition held annually for the students who are with in the age of 15 years. The test covers all stream of science including physics, chemistry , biology., etc.

Science Olympiad was conducted at Jakarta ( Indonesia) in 2004 .Nearly more than 60 countries participated in that competition. The participating countries sent delegations of three to six students with not more than three team leaders and observers. The competition was conducted in three stages by three tests. Every test was lasted for a time limit of two to three hours. The theoretical portion was also covered up in two tests. There were multiple choice questions that were comprised of 30 questions followed by the second test which was subjective in NEET, AIIMS and IIT.

The test conducted by Science Olympiad is totally based on the syllabus of NEET, AIIMS, IIT,JEE, so the students who crack such type of test get desired fruits. They are then easily able to qualify such type of exams. The Olympiad foundation's main aim is to provide a platform for such students who wants to qualify exam like NEET, IIT etc. This organization supports such students and nurtures their talent. It also awards them prizes and scholarships.

The Olympiad
Level 1
Toppers from 1st to 12th class will be awarded with Certificate + Medal. ( At School level )

Level 2
Toppers from 5th to 12th class will be awarded with Certificate + Medal + Gift. ( At State level )

Level 3
Toppers from 9th to 12th class will be awarded with Certificate + Medal + Gift + Cash. ( At Regional level )

The structure of the Science Olympiad is as the following:

Class Number of Questions Marks Time Duration
1-4 50 50 1 Hour
5-10 50 50 1 Hour
11-12 50 50 1 Hour

Exams will be held in these States of India